Reflecting on Four Years of Training (Originally posted November 11th, 2018)

Intro and Training History #

I’ll begin with an overview of my successes, mistakes, and overall principles I have learned over the past four years. Following that I have included a brief and detailed training history that includes links to videos of the respective accomplishments. Feel free to read any or all parts of this post, I tried to section it up so that it’s digestible in pieces. This isn’t scientific or exact, it’s just a collection of thoughts and realizations I’ve had over these past four years and my experiences in training the multiple disciplines I choose to pursue. To be precise, the first year or so of training weren’t purposely focused on powerlifting or gymnastics, but I included elements of each from the beginning.

I could’ve made better progress on one discipline if I chose it exclusively, but would I have been as happy with my overall strength or overall mobility had I? The answer is a firm no.

Thoughts #

Mistakes #

These are the main mistakes I made in my training that I feel slowed down my gains in strength and mobility. If I could go back, I would make these changes in order to progress faster and have fewer injuries.

Successes #

Overall Principle(s)? #

Training History #

Brief #

4 years ago:


For the first year and a half I followed a haphazard linear progression with a completely nonsensical split that eventually became an organized PPL routine. Following this, I did about half a year of linear progression (full body, 3x a week) while adjusting to gymnastics-oriented training and college. For a year and ¾ after this (3.75 years in) I followed DUP. At first (first 3 months or so) I was training to intensely and plateaued in upper body strength. Saw great gains after that initial plateau. For the past 3-4 months I’ve followed a bent-arm/straight-arm split while powerlifting for lower body 2 times per week.

Detailed #

Before Overcoming Gravity #

After Overcoming Gravity #

Conclusion #

If you have any comments/questions/critiques, feel free to comment them here. I would absolutely love to hear them. I hope some of this information is useful in applying it to your training :).


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